Juicy. Tender. Flavorful. 

Many of you are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. I’m talking about a cheese burger. Yes, I said cheese burger, but not any cheese burger. The best cheese burger I have ever had in my entire life. Who would have though I’d have this cheese burger in Berlin, Germany!  If you […]

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Paris Museum Pass! 

​ ​ When in Paris, there are lots of must sees. For instance you have to go tot he Louvre to see the famous Mona Lisa, to Saint Chappelle for the mind blowing stain glass and the Arc De Triomphe for a killer workout and jaw dropping view! If this interests you, I highly encourage […]

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Lost In Translation 

After a car ride, two plane rides, three train rides and a 15 minute stroll we made it to our Airbnb in Paris! I wish I could say getting to the Airbnb was as easy as it sounds, but when you land in an airport that doesn’t offer wifi and you’re traveling without a European […]

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