Six months ago, I thought I knew what my life was going to look like after college graduation. I thought I would move back to California, find a job, live in the same city as my on again off again boyfriend. Sure enough none of this was the case. My long distance boyfriend and I broke things off a few days after New Years, I never found a job and I am not planning on moving back to California.

DCIM100GOPROG0170200.JPGGoing into my final semester of college was pretty scary. I didn’t know where I was going to be or what I was going to be doing after graduation. All I knew was that I was not ready to start adulting and I had an itch to travel. I decided to call one of my closest friends to ask her if she wanted to take a backpacking trip with me. She said YES!

Now here we are! Our nine week backpacking adventure begins in T-48 hours. Over the next nine weeks we’ll be exploring 2 contents, 10 countries and 25+ cities! Here is a list of all the countries we are headed to:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Chez Republic
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • UAE
  • Lebanon

Here is a little more information about us!

Hello all, my name is Summer! I’m 22-years-old and would consider myself to be a travel enthusiast, adventure seeker and food lover! Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, running, yoga and cooking. I love meeting new people (that is one of the most exciting parts about this trip). If you come across my Tinder profile and have some suggestions for any of the countries we are headed to, make sure you swipe right!

Heyo! My name is Manal, I’m 24-years-old and words cannot discribe how excited I am to be backpacking for the next nine weeks! I love traveling, but I never thought I would ever backpack around an entire country! Some of the things I am looking forward to are the great sites to see, amazing food to eat and the different cultures we are going to come across!