The Baths of Budapest 

Whether you’re into spa days or not, you MUST checkout the Baths of Budapest! We went to the Szechenyi Spa. They have three different pools outside and countless baths indoors. 

The first pool you find outside was similar to a lazy lagoon you would find at a water park! The second pool was a lap pool and the third one was just a massive hot tub! 

Making my way indoors, I decided to start at the far end of the baths and make my way through each one. I am happy I did this because I was jumping through different bath temperatures and it felt amazing! I went from cool, to extremely hot, to excruciatingly cold water! The changes in temperature was the fun part of bath hopping! 

Something cool about the hot pool was that they had a waterfall that would shoot water and would basically give you a back massage. It was like the jets in a jacuzzie, but was more soothing! Look at the picture below!! 👇🏽👇🏽

They also had a bunch of different steam and sauna rooms. All of them had various scents. Some of them were focused on aroma therapy and others were unscented. I am personally more inclined to sit in a steamroom than a sauna so I explored those a bit more. They had three different steam rooms and they were all fantastic. The one thing that I would have loved is if the rooms were less crowded. The idea of having 20 people in a steamroom is a bit much!!! So if you’re trying to check these out I would recommend getting there really early or staying later in the evening. I wouldn’t bother in the middle of the day.

Overall, I would say I had an amazing day at the baths. It was a much needed spa day after weeks of traveling and adventure! Don’t miss out on these baths when you’re in Budapest! 🙂 


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