Alte Donau

When in Austria, go somewhere that isn’t touristy. Fit in with the locals. Wait, you should do that EVERYWHERE you travel! Everywhere I go, I try to find something different and unique to the country/ city I am visiting. In Vienna, we decided to check out the Alte Donau!

The Alte Donau is a popular river that many people like to spend their summer days at to hangout, swim, eat and drink! From what I understood, there are two parts of the river you can go to. The first one is where you can go to rent kayaks, paddle boards, etc to do water activities and the second part is where there is a strip of restaurants, bars and various docks to park yourself for the day!

We went to the second one. It was so fun spending the whole day there. It was not overly crowded like the downtown areas. We layed out on the doc, swam with the fish, made new friends, ate some tasty Greek food at one of the restaurants along the river and watched a beautiful sunset. It was a much needed relaxed space after all the tracking we have been doing!

If you are in Vienna during the summer months and want to try something different, go to the Alte Donau! It is about a twenty minute train ride from downtown so it is worth checking out!


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