John Lennon Wall

Beatles fan or not, this is something you MUST check out when you’re in Prague!

A friend I made in the hostel in Berlin had told me and Manal about it and we were eager to check it out. To get to the wall, we had to make our way past the Charles Bridge, which might I say was phenomenal. It was a beautiful bridge with a beautiful view of the city from both sides of the bridge!

Once we got to the other side of the bridge we navigated our way through the mass amounts of tourists. As we kept walking it became much less touristy. We definitely appreciated this! FINALLY, we got to the wall. It was beautiful. There weren’t many people. We were able to fully embrace the the colors and words.

Out of no where, 4 people came out with a bunch of spray paint and started spraying their own work on the wall. It was amazing. I wanted to go back to the wall with my own can to leave my mark. If you ever plan to go, don’t forget your spray paint!


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