The Baths of BudapestĀ 

Whether you’re into spa days or not, you MUST checkout the Baths of Budapest! We went to the Szechenyi Spa. They have three different pools outside and countless baths indoors.  The first pool you find outside was similar to a lazy lagoon you would find at a water park! The second pool was a lap […]

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Alte Donau

When in Austria, go somewhere that isn’t touristy. Fit in with the locals. Wait, you should do that EVERYWHERE you travel! Everywhere I go, I try to find something different and unique to the country/ city I am visiting. In Vienna, we decided to check out the Alte Donau! The Alte Donau is a popular […]

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John Lennon Wall

Beatles fan or not, this is something you MUST check out when you’re in Prague! A friend I made in the hostel in Berlin had told me and Manal about it and we were eager to check it out. To get to the wall, we had to make our way past the Charles Bridge, which […]

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